Thinking About Rain Boots

Do you only think of them when it is raining?


Who Uses Rain Boots?

Do you use rain boots? Are there times when you wish you did use rain boots? Let's take a look at why people use rain boots.

People use rain boots to keep thier feet try when irt is wet outside. Nothing is more uncomfortable then walking around with weet feet. You could change into other footwear when you get to your destination. Or you could just continue to wear your boots.

If you do hiking or dog walking and you walk in muddy areas, rain boots will keep you dry and keep your pants clean.

Farmers love rain boots

People that go to outdoor concerts, fairs or festivials love rain boots also.


Which Boots?

So, now you figured you are in need of rain boots. Question is which ones? 
Let's start off with length. Classic boots go up your shin,stopping a few inches below the knee. Shorter options are available and can go mid-calf or just above the ankle..
Just a warning! Shorter people should be careful with full length rain boots. If they aren't the right fit, they can cut into the backs of your knees when walking. Be sure to try them out before purchasing them.


The Fit

Fit is important. Rain boots are meant to be worn with socks. That means they will appear to be big. If you're a half size, we recommend that you round your size down instead of up. If you want to make sure your chosen rain boots are the appropriate length, look at the shaft measurement, which is generally measured from the arch, and compare it to your own leg measurement


Get A Grip

Traction is another thing to consider in rain boots. You will be wearing them in wet and muddy situations, so traction is important. Not all boots have good traction. Make sure you opt for a pair with good traction. Always opt for the function over the fashion.





Other Tips

Rain boots can have a duel purpose. They Are functional, but can also be fashionable. Try them with your favorite outfit. Maybe go for a fancy design on your boots.

Above I mentioned the fashion of rain boots. Let me remind you fashion does not trump function. Get boots with traction even if the less traction boots look better. Rather be safe then injured.No matter how good you look standing it looks bad lying in a mud puddle.

Beware the adjustable strap on your rain boots. Normally these straps help you get a comfortable fit around your calves. However, some boot straps are just for show and serve no function.

Most boots are not lined. Your feet could get cold. Therefore, take some time to pick up some boot liners or rain boot socks. They will protect your feet and calves from the cold.