Bras Every Woman Should Own

It seems to me that the bra is the worst invention ever.


A Man's Point Of View

It seems to me that the bra is the worst invention ever. Most of the women who wear one always complain about how it's not comfortable. Well, I can't do anything for comfort, but I can make you look good while uncomfortable.

Here are my suggestions:


Fish Bra

Granted this isn't much of a fashion statement. This bra does have it's advantages.

1. You will never be lonely with the fish swimming around your breasts.

2. Take the fish out. On cold days insert hot water. Warm days, cold water and place it in the freezer for awhile.

3. Ever lost you will be able to eat the fish



The Bacon Bra

Again, you can't go hungry wearing this bra. However, I imagine that if you wear it long enough some animal, other then a man, will follow you home.

I must warn you that wearing this on a hot day could be painful. No matter how much your man loves sizzling breasts, don't wear this if it's too hot!


Crabby Bra

Hate SpongeBob? Wear Mr Crabs on your chest.

If everyone around you is calling you crabby, why not embrace it. Next time someone calls you crabby, rip open your shirt and show them that, yes, you are!

So go ahead and embrace your mood.


Key To My Heart

This looks more like a halter top then a bra. Either way I think every woman needs one. This bra can be a lifesaver.

Lost your house key? If you are smart you'd have one here.

That creepy guy keeps hitting on you at the convention. Just give him one of these keys and tell him it's to your room.

The fun you can have with this is endless!



Warning Bra

This bra sends a message. The message is: "Just because you kissed me doesn't mean you hit a home run! The guy before you only got to second base and that's as far as you are getting"!

Get the matching panties and it's like wearing a chastity belt!




Extra Hand Bra

You know those embarrassing moments when someone walks in on you when you are naked? You realize you don't have enough hands to cover everything. What to do?

Just wear this bra. The top half is already covered by an extra pair of hands. This leaves your other hands to cover other areas.


So that's my list of bras every woman should own. These are the bras that you will be proud to wear. Not only do they offer support, but they have other uses.



Look ladies, no matter what you do the comfort will never be there. So, why not have some fun while you are suffering. Granted I'm a man and know little about bras, but I've embraced uncomfortable underwear with style. However, that's a story for another time.