Seeking A New Streaming Platform

Since this isn't meant to replace the old Friendlife I am excited to see the new features that will come.

Posted June 6,2018 in Entertainment.

Black Lithium
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Hello all, 

I believe most of us here were familiar with the old layout of Friendlife and it's main selling point to people being its streaming capabilities. Regardless of money I myself am looking for a new platform to stream on as Twitch,, and Younow have become a bit monotonous. I guess this is more of a rant than a blog post but I can say myself, I would like to see Live streaming make an appearance on here and with a whole new team behind the site itself I would be excited to see how they implement such a system.

I see this site doing some pretty cool stuff in the coming future, tell me, what would you like to see added to

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