Time for Alpaca Dryer Balls

Store Bought dyer sheets are toxic!


Store Bought dyer sheets are toxic!

Did you realize that the scents utilized as a part of industrially made dryer sheets are intended to conceal the horrendous smells of the chemicals that coat each sheet? Did you additionally realize that those dangerous properties are intended to be discharged over an expanded timeframe on your garments and bedding? Did you also know these chemicals can be bad for you?


They can trigger...

Asthma attacks
Skin irritation
Difficulty in breathing
Blood pressure reduction
Nervous system disorders

The Alternative

There is a better and safer way. Alpaca Dryer Balls Are one of the safest ways to replace dryer sheets.

Alpaca Dryer Balls are hand-made With 100% Felted Alpaca Fiber
Replaces Chemically Treated Dryer Sheets
Eliminates The Need For Fabric Softeners
Dries Clothes Faster With Less Heat
Eliminates The Chemical Build-up On Your Lint Filter
Reusable - Thousands Of Loads Of Laundry
Clothes Come Out Extremely Soft
Hypoallergenic And Contains No Lanolin
Resistant To Odors, Staining, And Moisture
Keep 3 - 5 In The Clothes Dryer For Repeated Use
Economical Way To Remove Static
Flame Retardant

Not Into Natural Alpaca Dryer Balls

Even if you don’t choose to use Natural Alpaca Dryer Balls, please think of yours and your families’ health and stop using harmful dryer sheets. Breathe easier knowing you've eliminated the harmful chemicals found in dryer sheets and fabric softener.

Still need proof about the harm these things cause? Go ahead and Google it. After reading a few articles, you will search for an alternative to dryer sheets. So why not order Alpaca Dryer Balls now!